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Question: The Differences Between a Sunroom, Garden Room & Patio Room Addition?

ANSWER: A straight sunroom is where all or part of the roof is single or dual tempered glass
ANSWER: A curved radius sunroom is single or dual tempered glass with a tempered glass Roof.
ANSWER: A curved garden room radius is single or dual tempered glass & the roof is solid.
ANSWER: A solid roof straight or gabled garden rooms have Glass gabled ends & transoms.
ANSWER: A solid roof straight or gabled patio room has solid gabled ends, transoms & kick plate.

Question: What are Gabled Ends, Transoms and Knee Walls?

ANSWER: Gables ends are usually the areas above the windows on the side walls.
ANSWER: Transoms are usually the areas above the windows on the front wall.
ANSWER: Knee Walls are the areas below the windows - solid, glass or dual glass.

Question: What are the different Sunroom and Room Addition Roof Types?

ANSWER: Tempered glass raftered roofs are for straight & curved sunrooms.
The 3" & 4" solid insulated roofs are for the straight or gabled garden rooms and patio rooms.
For more info see Roof Materials

Question: What are the different Sunroom and Room Addition Wall Types?

ANSWER: Industry Standard walls are 2" or 3". Our Newest Residental Super Walls are 4 inches and are 50% stronger with 50% more Insulation. They are thermally broken Vinyl clad walls in our Omega Rooms, give Maximum Insulation.
For more info see Wall Materials

Question: What is our electrical system?

ANSWER: Exclusive UL Approved Electrical Utility Mullions allow Outlets, Switches & Lights between each wall section & allow for cable & phone lines thru-out. Electrical Header Beams on each wall allow for Easy Electrical hookups to any wall module.
For more info see Electrical

Question: What Type of Sunroom Warranties and Guarantees are there?

ANSWER: Our sunrooms additions come with a Lifetime limited Warranty for materials & Lifetime on the Duralite Glass from the Manufacturer ( Best in the Industry - been in business since 1947) 
For more info see Warranties


Question: What Types of Sunroom and Sunroom Addition Doors are there?

ANSWER: There are 3' tempered glass doors (single pane, dual or dual with grids), Double 3' tempered glass doors (French Style) & 6' and 8' vinyl tempered glass sliders with screen doors in (single pane, dual
or dual with grids)
For more info see Windows & Doors

Question: What if I want to Install a Sunroom or Room Addition Myself?  

ANSWER: You'll receive an installation manual & Install Phone Tech Support Monday thru Friday
For more info see Installation Manuals


Question: What Building Codes our Sunroom Additions and Sunrooms Meet or Exceed?

ANSWER: : Meets or Exceeds U B C (uniform Building Code), National Glass Code, A-Rated Dual Glass, UL ( Underwriter Laboratories), C M B S O A approved Security Windows and A A M A approval on Windows & Doors & IAPMO


Question: How long does it take before the Sunroom or Sunroom Addition is Delivered?

ANSWER: It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks from the date the sunroom Addition is put into Production.


Question: Do you Accept Credit Cards?

ANSWER: Yes - We accept Visa, AMEX & Master Card


Question: How long does it take to Install a Sunroom or sunroom Addition Kit?

ANSWER: Our sunrooms and sunroom addition kits are installed in 1 to 2 Days by a Factory Trained Installer & usually 2 to 4 days  by a Contractor, Handyman or Home Owner. 

Question: What are the difference between Regular Room Addition & our OMEGA Room Addition?

ANSWER: The Omega 4 Room Systems are a Vinyl clad System with Vinyl Windows & Doors & Dual LowE2 Smart Glass 60 in windows & doors. Omega 4 Glass Roofs are Dual Smart Glass 90 the Best in the Industry. Omega 1 Room Systems are a Vinyl clad System with Single Tempered Glass Vinyl Windows & Doors plus & Single Smart Glass 30 in a Tempered Glass Roof. Standard
in the Industry is a Aluminum System with single tempered glass Aluminum Windows & Doors an upgrade is Dual Glass Aluminum Windows & Doors.

Question: What are the features of our Sunroom Windows?

ANSWER: Our sunroom windows come with security locks, operable double sliders, tempered glass, Full removal screens & meet the national glass code + dual tempered glass is A-Rated ALI Laboratory

Question: What makes Our Sunrooms better?

ANSWER: The advantage is a combination of the features built into our  sunrooms that are a result of a well thought-out design & years of continuing improvement in the manufacturing process  which is better and more efficient, with high-grade materials and a quality assurance process to make sure your room exactly the way you want it. Omega 4 Room additions are the Best in the Industry with Dual Smart Glass 60. Exclusive UL Approved Electrical Utility Mullions that allow Outlets, switches, lights, cable & phone lines between each wall section.

Question: Where can my Room Addition be built?

ANSWER: Sunrooms and room additions can be built on a New or Existing existing slab or deck, patio, porch, or almost any other location next to or underneath a pre-existing structure. 

Question: What is the Warranty on our Sunrooms and Room Additions?

ANSWER: Our sunrooms carry a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty & a Lifetime warranty on glass seals, which is the best in the industry. See the "Warranty" section on line for more details.

Question: What Type of Glass is used in our Room Additions and Sunrooms?

ANSWER: Tempered glass that's safer, cleared & more shatter resistant than regular  glass. Also features the energy-efficient SmartGlass 30 - 60 & 90 for our sunroom roof and room addition wall glass.

Question: Will my Room Addition or Sunroom stand up to severe Weather?

ANSWER: Yes. Our sunrooms are designed to meet or exceed Most snow & wind loads.

Question: What kind of Maintenance is necessary for the Sunroom?

ANSWER: Our sunrooms and room additions are designed to be easily maintained. Glass can be cleaned with any household glass cleaner. The structure may need a periodic cleansing with a mild household detergent & water solution to remove pollutant build-up.

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